About Us

­­About Machla

   The Machla.bh story began in 2017 with the opening of our first online Grocery which focus on easy and modern          way to deliver household for customer in Bahrain . 

    Machla is Arabic word for “FOOD STOCK “, which is the perfect way to describe our online grocery machla.bh .

Why Machla?

    Machla Offering its customers a personal online shopping experience, with a unique mix of local and international      premium brands and quality food . 


  • Shopping that helps you make the right choice .
  • Machla Make Shopping Easier using Machal Apps on Android and IPhone..
  • Delivery is door-to-door and handle by our trusted Staff .

Our Values

  •           We work collaboratively with our retail partners, not competitively.
  •        As a Machla shopper, you get real, meaningful savings when you shop. And if you ever need anything, the Machla Heads are here to help 24/7.
  •        Trust: We believe people are good and believing that brings out the good in people.
  •        Transparency: We think openly sharing information and ideas empowers people to do amazing things.